october 27th, 2016 | endorcism vol_16




"To listen to any of BURIAL HEX’s many releases, which have manifested across almost all known formats over the past nine years, is to commune with dark, deathly atmospheres that contrast elegant instrumentation and rhythms with entropic noise. Drawing on a wealth of influences, from 19th Century European chamber music to industrial, from the stories of HP Lovecraft to the Italian horror movies of the 70s, its sound provokes questing minds to ponder on the supernatural, the liminal space between life and death, or the many and varied traditions and rituals that preserve occult philosophies down the ages. ...

... But all this is about to end as Clay Ruby, the multi-instrumentalist behind these chthonic and ethereal sounds, has stated that Burial Hex is to be laid to rest, permanently and imminently, as part of a preordained strategy that has informed all of its output from the very beginning." (–The Quietus)


The shadowy side project of the TPK/Horrid Red gang, THE WALKING KORPSES carve out menacing post-industrial atrocities. While the abstract prose and commanding voice of Bunker Wolf (TPK, Horrid Red) still sits at the helm, and the meandering pulse of bassist Boy True (TPK, Shitty Listener, Social Unrest) still flourishes in the undertow, ...

... the rest of the music is filled with the paranoid nuance from John Murphy (SPK, Death in June, Knifeladder), Ash Wednesday (JAB, touring member of Einstrurzende Neubauten), Clay Ruby (Horrid Red, Burial Hex), Jon Evans (Last Domion Lost) and mystery visitor Rat Bag.


october 27th, 2016 | urban spree | berlin

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november 19th, 2016 | endorcism vol_17




THOROFON was founded in 1995, and soon developed an own easy-to-recognize style of the industrial music genre. Their prolific career in the international Post-Industrial scene began with their first album 'Maximum Punishment Solutions' back in 1997, ...

followed by three full length and several EP releases on CD, vinyl and cassette format until the project ended up nine years later. In 2010 THOROFN announced to return and performed highly regarded live actions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


TANZ OHNE MUSIK appears for the first time on Galakthorrö, but should not be entirely unknown. Dan Serbanescu, from Bucharest, has been making music for a considerable time, supported by Luna, who contributes the photos and videos. The sound with which TANZ OHNE MUSIK has recently stirred up interest, is on offer on the new album Infinity: Pared to the bone Angst Pop songs – radical minimalism in text and tone.

Serbanescu’s strengths lies especially in the directness of his production, that celebrates the analog synthesizer with minimal distractions. He channels its raw power to driving dance hits as well as moody tracks. With unerring accuracy he arranges his sparsely selected sound elements with undercooled vocals, and always ends in melancholia, but is unpretentious and honest, that goes without saying.


november 19th, 2016 | urban spree | berlin

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